As the strategic sounding board for organizations that need an outside voice, JCE Consulting works seamlessly with internal teams and departments, as well as with external advisors, enhancing relationships that clients have already developed.


Here are a few types of business challenges we help different organizations overcome:

  • Engineering and Technology firms call because they have teams of smart people that waste lots of time and money on plans and proposals for customer projects that never get off the ground. They operate in a constant state of reaction and need help prioritizing the quality of their opportunities.
  • Banks call because they are trying to remain relevant with their customers. Although convenient, technology has reduced foot traffic in their lobbies, which has made it more difficult to develop personal relationships. They have come to realize that survival in today’s market, hinges on the quality of their people and their ability to take the conversation into the community.
  • Staffing firms call primarily because they battle high turnover and their clients often view their service as a commodity. Very few take the time to hire well; a good number do not have an effective onboarding program and many are lead by questionable leadership.
  • Large organizations call when they need to break down silos in order to foster collaboration. Oftentimes, they behave as if they are small, separate companies that share the same name. Mission & vision are generally unclear, goals are vague, managers are not aligned, trust is questionable and accountability is not consistent.


If sales-related challenges are hurting your organization, JCE Consulting can help you overcome these typical hurdles:

Business Development

  • No plan in place to capture new business
  • No plan to expand existing relationships
  • The sales floor sounds like a library
  • Calls and meetings are down
  • Salespeople do not know what to say or, in some cases, don’t believe what they are saying is even important

Sales Execution

  • Closing ratio is poor
  • Margins are eroding
  • Relationships are with the wrong people or with people who lack the power or conviction to progress the opportunities
  • Opportunities are not qualified
  • Clients stop communicating

Sales Management

  • Lots of turnover on the sales team
  • Poor track record of ramping up new hires
  • Expectations are unclear or non-existent
  • No accountability
  • Held hostage by existing team members who are reluctant to evolve
  • Failure to motivate the troops

In order to deliver exceptional service, there are simple building blocks that are essential to get there. Dave was able to help us simplify and execute.
- Andrea L. Bordenca, CEO, DESCO Medical, Organizational Culture Consultant & Certified Leadership Coach