Speaking Topics

Bring Dave in as your keynote or motivational speaker.  He will energize the audience, encourage new thinking and enlighten the group with great ideas! 

Interviewing – Aligning Strategies, Questions, Effectiveness

Right talent hard to find?  Is there a misalignment between culture and talent?  The problem might be your interviewing. Successful interviewing to make smart hires is a skill.  It begins long before the candidate is being interviewed.  Dave’s success in hiring effective team members and building strong teams stems from his success in the prospecting-interviewing -onboarding process.  Dave will share ways to:

  • Identify the ideal candidate
  • Complete a phone screen
  • Assess and interview for culture, motivation, and job fit
  • Check references
  • Negotiate an offer and placement

Prospecting – Business Development Strategies

Who is your ideal client?  Do you have the discipline and confidence to execute your strategy?  Dave’s experience in helping organization’s develop business strategies is a hot topic for sales organizations.  Dave will share stories and some great tips to help teams prospect effectively and efficiently… winning clients through a disciplined approach to business development.

Sales – Execution

Is your team struggling to execute on projects, process or strategies?  There are several reasons execution may not be happening.  Perhaps it’s a result of poor communication or trust.  Maybe the team and individuals have not established expectations.  Dave can inspire a team to use the ‘discipline + confidence’ formula to invigorate performance.  No matter what the venue, Dave’s energy, enthusiasm and experience will enlighten the audience and provide some tips and tricks to out-perform the competition.

Sales Management

How do you build an effect sales management team?  Learn from Dave the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of creating and growing a management team, while building on the core fundamentals of honest communication and trust. Dave will share first-hand knowledge about the importance of:

  • Creating a talent pipeline
  • Hiring well
  • Establishing and managing expectations
  • Building accountability and metrics
  • Coaching
  • Interfacing successfully with clients
  • And more…


Strong leadership drives successful organizations.  Poor leadership can be the demise of even the strongest company.  How do you create an organization that drives success by designing a vision, mission, and values that employees embrace and want to be a part of?  Dave will share with you the “A’s, B’s and C’s of Leadership Success”, and how implementing these tenets will help your organization be the one everyone wants to work for.


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Remove the stress from management
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Proven methods to build a full pipeline.It boils down to one thing… how to have an effective
conversation with another human being!
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Practical communication strategies to secure more business 2 days of training, materials, lunch & refreshments


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