JCE works with companies to address challenges that primarily result from breakdowns in communication and trust. Our clients rely on us for ongoing coaching & training for their leaders, midlevel staff and new hires alike. They hire us to help them eliminate the barriers that get in the way of progress and growth. Managing personalities, managing up & down, breaking down silo’s between departments, motivating people or having tough conversations are some of the more common challenges that we are asked to tackle. Email Dave at to set up a phone call or virtual meeting to discuss any of the training or coaching services listed below.

Virtual CEO Board of Advisors

This group is comprised of CEO’s, Presidents and Partner-level professionals that want a safe place to share ideas, seek advice, challenge themselves and sometimes vent! Meetings will take place between 10-11:30 AM est on the first Tuesday of each month via Zoom. Sessions are intended to help every participate be a more effective leader, communicator, thinker, etc. Some topics will include:

  • Dealing with partners, board members and investors
  • Managing through an executive team
  • Establishing go-to people for advice/truth
  • Setting clear direction
  • Enrolling employees
  • Improving communication between departments
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Mental Health
  • Maintaining consistent communication as the organization grows
  • Effective conflict management
  • Managing virtually

Fee: $7,500 (Dates TBD)

**Participates must present goals and objectives prior to registering
**Commitment and follow-through is required

Training Services

Leadership Workshop: Building & Leading a Self-Directed Team

$899 pp virtual; $1299 pp in-person
This is a leadership program designed for management professionals of all levels. Executives, senior managers and new managers alike have attended this program over the years. This highly interactive learning experience was created to help every leader develop the skills and competence to develop more leaders. All participants will leave with practical tools on how to:

  • Effectively connect and build trust with others
  • Establish buy-in to goals and company objectives
  • Define clear standards and shared expectations
  • Be an effective coach
  • Build a culture of accountability
  • Recruit with conviction

Business Development Workshop: Creating Opportunities

$899 pp virtual; $1299 pp in-person
This program was created to provide sales professionals with the tools and skills to open business relationships effectively. So much money is wasted training salespeople how to close business that was not open properly in the first place. The fundamentals taught in this program apply to sales professionals with and without experience. Participants will complete the workshop with an actionable plan on how to:

  • Establish business development as a process rather than an event
  • Create a message that is clear and compelling
  • Transition from an initial connection into a conversation
  • Design a strategy to build and leverage a powerful connections

Sales Workshop: Reality-Based Selling

$899 pp virtual; $1299 pp in-person
We created this program to help sales professionals leverage effective communication to simplify decision-making for their customers. Far too often sales professionals waste a lot of time working on deals that never close. This not only costs them money, but it takes a toll on their confidence and causes clients & colleagues to question their credibility. Reality-Based Selling was designed to put an end to that! Participants will learn how to:

  • Build relationships grounded in trust
  • Communicate effectively
  • Establish expectations and agreements with the right people
  • Qualify opportunities properly
  • Help their clients make better decisions
  • Recommend solutions that are aligned with client expectations
  • Close business efficiently

Strategic Account Planning Workshop: Developing Partnerships

$299 pp virtual; $349 pp in-person
Our customer relationships become transactional when we fail to understand them beyond the current business opportunity. Some sales professionals are viewed as a necessary evil, while others are viewed as a strategic partner. Sometimes, our desire to close a short-term deal is what gets in the way of maximizing the true potential a long term client relationship. This workshop was created to show sales professionals how to develop strategies to bring full value to their client relationships. Participants will learn how to leverage an account plan to:

  • Provide strategic & tactical support
  • Accurately project future business
  • Effectively align internal resources
  • Prioritize business opportunities
  • Understand competitive landscape
  • Ask better questions
  • Build future value

Recruiting Workshop: Building & Maintaining a Talent Pipeline

$899 pp virtual; $1299 pp in-person
This program was created to help recruiting professionals embrace a strategic approach to their business. Even though technology made it easier for recruiters and talent to connect, the quality and sustainability of those relationships continues to erode. Many recruiting professionals put their reputations on the line by vouching for job seekers that they have not referenced, vetted or even met. The fundamentals taught in this program are intended to improve the overall preparedness of recruiting professionals to initiate, develop and retain lifetime relationships with their candidate pool. All participants that attend this workshop will leave with actionable ideas that will enable them to develop a community of potential job seekers that view them as a vital resource in their career development.

  • Build a practice rather than react to jobs
  • Define the attributes of a lifetime candidate
  • Create a clear and compelling message
  • Establish personal and professional goals
  • Implement a balanced daily plan
  • Create avenues through which to pipeline
  • Improve the frequency and quality of referrals

Recruiting Workshop: Establishing Commitment

$899 pp virtual; $1299 pp in-person
Recruiting professionals work tirelessly to help their customers staff open positions with qualified job seekers. Unfortunately, not all job seekers value recruiters, which is why some think it’s okay to ‘ghost’ or ‘back-out’. ‘Ghosting’ is when a job-seeker suddenly disappears during the recruiting process; when they stop responding to calls, texts or emails without warning or explanation! A ‘back-out’ is when a job seeker decides to withdraw their candidacy after accepting a position – sometimes on the day they are supposed to start work! This behavior might be unprofessional, but it is not new – it has been happening for years. Although painful and extremely frustrating, there is something that you can do about it. This workshop was developed to improve the quality of communication between recruiters and job seekers in an effort to significantly reduce the likelihood of future ‘ghosting’ and ‘back-outs’. Participants will learn how to:

  • Develop relationships with job seekers that are bombarded with calls from other recruiters
  • Establish boundaries that allow for comfortable conversations
  • Qualify the skills and commitment level of each candidate
  • Recommend job opportunities that are aligned with candidate capabilities and expectations
  • Help make the decision process less stressful for each candidate
  • Close business and increase billable hours

** All training programs are available virtually. Interaction is most effective for teams of 6-12 people.

Coaching Services

$3,000 per person for three months or $10,000 per year
Our coaching offering should be viewed as an extension of your organization. It is a support mechanism available to open-minded professionals have a desire to work on themselves. In short coaching is intended to help every client make communication simple and effective. We work with each person to improve their level of confidence, conviction and personal responsibility so that they can offer a level of candor, support, decision-making and necessary conversations required to develop a high performing team.

Who leverages our coaching services?

  • Executives, VP’s, Senior Leaders – CEO’s COO’s, CFO’s, VP’s
  • Middle Managers, Junior Managers (Sales, Operations, Finance, HR, Legal)
  • High potential employees
  • Sales Professionals

Prerequisites: You must:

  • Want it
  • Be open-minded
  • Be humble
  • Be willing to look in the mirror
  • Be willing to accept responsibility
  • Be willing to do what’s hard
  • Spell out your goals in writing
  • Define your desired outcome

Duration: Minimum 3 months
Frequency: Biweekly phone/Zoom shared in scheduled and share in calendarClient initiates interaction

Common themes include but are not limited to communication, getting ahead of problems, making unpopular decisions, being too nice, being a bully, avoid issues, overseeing a remote team, accountability, motivation, tough conversations, hiring, firing, performance plans, team performance, working with difficult people, working with departments that are not aligned

All-Inclusive Services

Some combination of everything above

Keynote Speaker

$5000 base fee plus travel expenses