To develop skills or improve upon anything requires an unwavering commitment and persistence to the tasks or goals you are trying to achieve. This formula applies to raising kids, staying fit, learning an instrument, as much as it does to sales and business leadership.

Discipline is the non-­negotiable side of all of us that ensures we remain committed to forge ahead, even when we are having doubts or wavering thoughts.


Confidence is a trust and belief in yourself and your abilities – it is wanting the bat in your hands with two outs in the ninth. In sales, confidence is knowing the value that you bring to all client relationships and in management it is the belief in your ability to attract, develop and motivate talent.

Confidence is the by-product of discipline and a prerequisite for being a great salesperson, as well as an outstanding business leader. It’s having the conviction to do what others cannot -­ or will not -­ do.


Performance is all about execution – it is seeing the game in slow motion when everyone else is pressing for a solution. It is knowing what to say and saying it at the right time. In business and sales, performance is the ability to maintain poise in the most difficult of situations and to complete the tasks at hand with consistency and predictability, while exceeding expectations.

Improving management or sales performance requires discipline and confidence.