2-Day Workshop

Practical communication strategies to secure more business

8:30 am – 4 pm

• April 8-9, 2020

• September 16-17, 2020

Blue Hill Country Club, 23 Pecunit St., Canton, MA

Over the years’ questionable sales management, company quota’s and cookie-cutter trainings have contributed to many sales professionals to losing their way. Our intention is to help each of our clients improve the quality of their relationships and we believe that trust and transparent communication are the two essential pillars required to make this happen. Let us show you how to simplify the process, rid your pipeline of poorly qualified opportunities and make it easier for your clients to make decisions and want to buy from you.

• 2 days of training
• materials
• lunch & refreshments

One seat $1329.00

Bundle Two seats $2239
Bundle Three seats $3149
Bundle Five seats $4999

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groups of 10 or more



You will learn how to…

    • Build relationships grounded in trust
    • Communicate effectively
    • Establish expectations and agreements with the right people
    • Qualify opportunities properly
    • Help their clients make better decisions
    • Present solutions that are aligned with client expectations
    • Close business efficiently

Who should attend:

    • Sales Managers that want to do improve the effectiveness of their sales teams
    • Seasoned Sales Professionals that want to strengthen their client relationships
    • Junior Sales Professionals that want to close more business
    • Internal Sales Professionals that want to work on qualified business opportunities

    Common challenges:

      • Not viewed any differently than your competition
      • Not always talking with the right people
      • Sales and delivery often work against one another
      • The client buying process is lengthy
      • Communication breakdowns throughout the sales process
      • Clients push you around during negotiation process
      • Spend too much time respond to client requests without a full understanding of their intentions
      • Clients disappear on you after the initial call
      • Clients are reluctant to answer important questions
      • Pipeline is filled with opportunities that have stalled
      • Too many clients back out of deals
      • Losing business on price
      • Our presentations must be perfect in order to win business

    and more…



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Remove the stress from management
2 days of training, materials, lunch & refreshments



Proven methods to build a full pipeline.It boils down to one thing… how to have an effective
conversation with another human being!
2 days of training, materials, lunch & refreshments



Practical communication strategies to secure more business 2 days of training, materials, lunch & refreshments

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